The famous and inevitable British museum

british museum

Here is an interesting article to read about one of the most famous places in London – The British Museum. I’ve visited it a few times, because I like most of the museums here, it’s free and quite huge for my poor little feet ha!

There are many things to see, the museum has items from across the world, from the past and the present. There’s always plenty to see that suits all kind of interests.

A little thing really interesting: apparently only 1% of the museum’s collection is on public display. That sounds incredible until I learned that the museum has over 8 millions artifacts in its complete collection. The staff of the museum decided to never show all the items because there would be space issues and you would probably need several days to view all of them haha.

But let’s go back to our business, you will find ancient Mediterranean/Near Eastern collections but also special Beatles display, which I totally loved. As you can see many subjects are handled…

If you haven’t visited the British Museum yet, you really should but be careful to schedule a couple of hours to do it, it is quite a big one!

Enjoy your visit guys!

The little fairies ❤

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